Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Dr. Louis Turi

Here are the latest predictions from Dr Turi. He was talking with George Noory. Turi was once again introduced with a statement telling us about his incredible prediction success rate. There was no mention of the shed load of misses he has had.

He says previously on the show he gave yesterdays date (11th July) as one of his predicted dates for explosions, strikes or sudden release of energy, anything to do with aeronautics, this includes the series of explosions in a residential building in New York, the explosion that rocked the resort town in Michigan, the 200 people that died in the India train explosion. This is a complete lie. In all his Coast to Coast appearances he has never mentioned anything for the date 11th July.

He thinks the space shuttle astronauts are in serious trouble. NASA won't admit this publicly, but they are doing all they can to make sure the shuttle comes back safely. He says he tried twice to contact NASA to beg them not to send the shuttle, but they wouldn't listen to him as he (Turi) thinks they look on him as being a lunatic.

Now for his new predictions for July/August

23rd July Hurricanes/tornadoes/thousands of people forced to relocate

1st August Terrorism/dramatic news/police

9th August Explosions/earthquakes/news involving nuclear exchange or nuclear deals

19th August Thousands of people will be forced to relocate because of natural disaster

The entire Middle East will be totally and completely restructured. The Middle East has been unstable for 2,000 years and will remain unstable until it eradicates itself off the map.

He takes a dig at other psychics saying that they are only financially motivated, they have no feeling behind their work, their work is not documented, these people seriously hurt the integrity of what he has to offer. This from a man who charges $300 for a full life reading and uses radio appearances to advertise his webiste which sells his books and videos.

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