Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Sean David Morton, Tuesday 6th June 2006

Here are just a few predictions from Sean David Morton. He was talking with George Noory. This was only a short interview as Mr. Morton was not the main guest.

Germany will be the heart and soul and core of what is going to go on with the entire armageddon scenario, which will begin in November 2007. There will be a big financial collapse.

There will be an introduction of a new US currency called Redbacks. He claims to have already seen a case of this money while on a trip to Amsterdam. This is the two tiered currency he has been talking about for the last couple of years. Green notes will be used inside the US and the red notes will be for use outside of the US.

6th June 2007 we will see an inflation rate of 25%

Humanity will fall apart between 2018 to 2025.

2039 will see the return of the messiah.

The funny thing about this show was that the main guest, Gary McKinnon, the British computer hacker, was having telephone problems. Mr. Morton complained twice during his small section that he didn't have enough time to get his information out. He needed a full show to say what he had to say. Is this guy not on this show enough? Anyway after Sean David Morton left, George Noory told us Gary McKinnon was a no show and he went to open lines. What a shame for Mr. Morton. If only he was a real psychic he would have known there was going to be an open portion and he could have stayed on the line for the rest of the show.

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