Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr Turi returned to Coast to Coast today to claim more success with his predictions. George Noory said that the 17th September prediction that someone important would be assassinated in the Middle East has now come true. He also said that Dr Turi's prediction hit rate is now 3 out of 3.

Both these statements are wrong. Dr Turi has given us 5 predictions so far and only one of them has been correct (see Psychic Calendar).

I ran a Google search for the assassination in the Middle East and could not find any news items that show this prediction to be correct. Around the date he gave an Iraqi immigration minister escaped an assassination attempt when her building was attacked but she survived because she wasn't in her office at the time Link to news item.

***UPDATE 28th September***
After a further search I found this item of news from the 17th or 18th September.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Insurgents killed a Kurdish member of Iraqi parliament, his brother and the driver of his car and wounded a second lawmaker in an ambush on their convoy north of Baghdad , police and officials said Sunday.

Faris Nasir Hussein, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party, was killed in the attack Saturday night, along with his brother and their driver, said Peshro Ibrahim, a National Assembly official.
Link to news item

Dr Turi predicted on or around the 8th September the police would make interesting news on a large scale. Well it is now known that almost 250 police officers deserted their posts during Hurricane Katrina.
Full story here

So it looks like Dr Turi has another couple of hits although in the one above he said 'an important person' and it is unknown how important this official is. That gives him a hit record of 3 out of 5.

Here are more predictions for October:

Energy from Uranus is playing a part in the turbulent weather we've been experiencing.

He says Hurricane Rita would be worse than Katrina.

October 5/6/7 Dramatic news involving more death and/or a police announcement.

October 15/16/17 Earthquakes/volcanoes/tornadoes/ oil and Natalee Holloway.

October 22/23/24 A return of a weather-related event such as Katrina/Rita which will force thousands to evacuate.

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Anonymous said...

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