Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr Turi returned to Coast to Coast today to claim more success with his predictions. He also more or less gave the same three predictions for November. Anyone see a pattern forming here?

November 8th - A big explosion or earthquake.
There was a 4.1 earthquake in Pakistan on 7th November. He is claiming the rioting in France and the terrorist bombings in Jordan as the big explosions. He fails to mention that the riots in France have been going for the past two weeks.

November 19th - Lots of people will be forced to relocate or restart a new life.

November 29th - An ugly energy involving death for many innocent people.


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Really? isn't that about as lame s it can get. It's a big wide world with things blowing up and "energies' all around...isn't that about as lame s it gets?