Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Sean David Morton, Wednesday 16th November 2005

Sean David Morton was talking with George Noory.

USC will win 35 - 27 against Texas.
Wrong. Texas won 41 - 38.

45 - 20 for the Fresno game this weekend according to his wife.

From 21st December 2005 a third of humanity, or the third world, will fall into a hole or pit, due to economic factors, due to what is going on with oil, due to the Avian Bird Flu.

Claims he predicted in 1994 that between 2004 and peak in 2006 there would be a repeat of the 1917 - 1922 Spanish Flu pandemic, and that's what we are looking at right now with the Avian Flu.

Gold will be up to $525 by January 2006. Right now it stands at $477. Back in July 2005 when he originally made this prediction it was $438.

He goes on about the US currency splitting into two different types, Redbacks and Greenbacks. One for the US and one for overseas. This time he says he witnessed for himself these notes in Amsterdam 6 months ago. He said something similar in July, how many times has he seen these things?.

Gold will hit $725 by July 2006 or August 2006 at the latest.

Silver he originally thought would hit $9 by January 2006 but has now adjusted it to $8 - $8.25 by the same date.

The best thing to invest your money apart from gold is the Swiss Franc.

Here are his latest stock picks:

BTH Bilaton Limited is a good buy.

Apple will be good stock to buy.

Pixar will still be a good buy as it will be bought by Disney.

Nuclear Solutions(NSOL.OB).

Asia Dynamics Corp (AZD.TO).

Magna Entertainment.

The mortgage bubble will pop in the next 6 months.

Oil prices will go up due to a savage winter in the mid-west and on the east coast. This will drive the price up to $75 - $80 a barrel in January - February 2006.

2008 election will be contested by Hillary Clinton v Jeb Bush.

He said it was so far away he didn't want to predict who would win.

Dick Cheney will resign due to health issues.

Condolezza Rice or Jeb Bush could step into the vice presidential race.

San Francisco has some very bad earthquakes coming in February - March 2006. A 6.5 quake will be the trigger for a three quake scenario in late April - May through to October 2006.
Wrong about the quakes in February - March.

There are a series of Messianic figures. The next Messiah will appear at Stonehenge, England between 2034 and 2039. Then one in Machu Picchu, then one in Los Angeles. The last one is in 2489AD in Japan. This is the Maitreya.

An asteroid will break into five pieces and hit the planet in 2010.

The last great war starts in 2018(he changes it later and says starts in 2015) with the US v China. Everything before that is the global terrorist war. Then 2034 its the wars of God v Man, which is where we have the big meteor strike in 2028.

Italy will dive out of the EU because they want to go back to the Lira as their currency.

2007 - 2008 Europe Armegeddon - Economic collapse, chaos, collapse of the Euro, massive Islamic immigration that will turn into civil war in a lot of European countries.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if I'm the only person that might think that Sean David Morton might have possibly been involved in a Pump-n-Dump scheme regarding some of these stocks that have done so poorly, mainly Nuclear Situations (NSOL)?!?

Today is October 5th 2007 and this particular stock closed at .28 cents! It was trading for around $1.05 or thereabouts when Sean predicted this could be a potentially hot stock on C2C back in the Summer of 2006.

Of course, after his predictions were made, most, if not all of the stocks on Sean's Hit-List started to jump a bit in value as expected. Sean's been on C2C a few times since the Summer of 2006 and has failed to mention NSOL at all...Wonder why?!?

Here's what I'm getting at...I Wonder if Sean David Morton owned possibly a large number of shares of NSOL & whatever other stocks he predicted that night - which may have been bought at a very low price - Mentions them on C2C...People start buying up the stock, causing each of them to increase in value...It gets to a price that he knows is pretty much where it'll peak and then sells ALL his shares and makes a nice profit...Then this stock slowly falls back to earth and is now nearly worthless?!? PUMP-N-DUMP!

Any comments???