Sunday, 27 November 2005

Ed Dames, Sunday 27th November 2005

Ed Dames was talking with Art Bell.

He started off by telling us he is leaving soon to move permanently to Ukraine to be with his girlfriend.

In an email a listener asked Ed to explain why his prediction about the space shuttle not landing didn't come true?
Dames squirmed around this and said it wasn't about the shuttle. He said 2/3 of the data was there in his prediction and maintained that this was the harbinger event for the Killshot. Art kept saying but nothing happened to the shuttle and it landed. Dames just dismissed this and said that it was still the start of the scenario for the Killshot.

The next emailer asked about Ed's claims to have caught the BTK killer, what happened?
Dames says he openly told George Noory in a private phone call that his team were not responsible for the capture of the BTK killer. He said his team did have plane tickets to fly to Wichita but five days before they were set to leave the police caught the killer. They decided to go anyway (probably because the airline wasn't giving refunds) to try and find a missing child. I want to know why they had to be there? If remote viewing works why don't they just do it from the comfort of their offices and without the ex pence of plane tickets?

Its a different story on his website message forum. Here he used to have a whole section where he talks about how his team helped capture the serial killer. Funny how that has been taken down now. There is one thread still on the messageboard concerning BTK entitled 'BTK Suspect arrested - Dames pinpoints house'. In it people are wanting to know if remote viewing had anything to do with this capture. Brent Miller, who claims to be an RV professional has this to say:

"Major Dames and his team from January through February focused on the location of the BTK killer and isolated it down to his residence. All his team members, including Ed purchased tickets to meet at Wichita on March 21st to validate the RV data on the ground and notify the authorities. I do know that Ed made it clear to the world that we were going after the BTK killer, so perhaps that is why more focus was utilized by the authorities to locate him. I do not know what information about our sessions that Ed provided the authorities to assist them in the search, but he was indeed captured before our team landed."

The administrator of the site adds "Congratulations RV team for pinpointing the location of the BTK killer. Once, again we are amazed."

A third emailer wanted to know what happened to the gold he was supposed to find and bring to Art's house?
Dames said the first lot of gold was on private property and they had no access to it. Why did remote viewing not tell them this, or why didn't they look at an up to date map before they set off with spades in hand? That's another plane ticket wasted then.

The second gold rush Ed told us about was not far from Pahrump, Nevada and on an earlier show he gave out the map coordinates so that anyone senseless enough to believe him could go out there and stake a claim. He said two people found it and staked a claim to it. His team decided they didn't want to go there and own a gold mine. Art asked 'why not? everyone wants to own a gold mine'. Dames replied that it would take up too much of his time and that's not what he wants to do for a living. Then he contradicts himself in the next sentence when he says his team were very upset when he pulled them off the gold project to go looking for al-Zarqawi. He says he has just sent information on Zarqawi's location off to Taskforce 626. Well I guess that means Zarqawi's safe then.

He says al-Zarqawi is hiding in an underground drainage system in the city of Ar Rutbah near the border of Jordan.

Anyway he says he has yet another gold treasure hunt and the whole team is in on this one and they will be out there digging in early February for a strongbox.

Another emailer asked if there is a connection with chemtrails and the killer fungi Dames once viewed?
He said no and what they are doing with chemtrails is highly classified (meaning he doesn't know). He said they have nothing to do with climate control or global warming.

He says there are no military bases on the moon. The US military would like to have a moon based weapon system that can shoot back at the Earth or hit objects in the Earth's atmosphere. The Chinese are desperate to beat the US to the moon because they want the same weapon system.

The Bulgarian footage of a UFO is real click here to view the video. A member of his team remote viewed it. It is not actually a craft but a projection of a chamber that is situated on a distant planet. The aliens use it as a kind of watching post. He goes on the describe the beings as having two stages. First is a larval stage with intelligence. The second is something resembling a water beetle/wasp/ant, if you can imagine all those mixed up together. He says the aliens have no interest in us. They are interested in a couple of marsh lands in the Caribbean. Well what are they doing in Bulgaria then Ed?

Ed says that the grey aliens are trying to communicate a meeting place. He's viewed it himself after about a year of trying and now he knows where this place is. He will take a team and video this meeting. These are the same aliens that abducted Travis Walton.

The Seattle/Tachoma earthquake is close. Sometime in 2006. The Space Needle was tilted when they viewed it. If you live or work in downtown Seattle you should move.

Black Mold is deadly and will affect areas that have been hit by the hurricanes. Lots of people will die.

20 years ago he foresaw the Killshot and dying babies. The babies were dying because of lack of milk. This he now realizes is Mad Cow disease and the culling of cattle means the lack of milk.

10 years ago he saw global economic collapse which they originally thought was caused by World War III or something like that. He now sees it is caused by disease.He also sees a rush to market a vaccine which will be defective and will be known as the mark of the beast.
You can't give babies milk or milk products till they are around 2 years old. They need formula, they can't digest milk products yet.

The Chinese are way ahead in the art of mind warfare. They use children to remote influence because their minds are not closed yet. Ed does not teach this because it can be misused.

Ed wanted to try an experiment in remote influencing using the minds of Coast to Coast listeners. Art wasn't too sure and said he wanted to stop all these mind experiments as he already knew they worked. They decided not to do it and Ed then told Art that what he had wanted to do was set off a charge in a detonator that was sat next to al-Zarqawi. Art exclaimed that even though al-Zarqawi was a bad guy and a bastard he could not condone murder. Brilliant theatrics from Dames. How would we know if it had worked or not? I guess he came up with this gimmick to make up for his last visit when he was asked to destroy a listeners computer and he declined saying he had better things to do. What is wrong with picking an harmless target for this experiment. He could have said lets turn off the light beam on the Luxor pyramid in Las Vegas and therefore we could all see the results.

Ed says he remote viewed his fiancee in Ukraine. Lets hope she is real when he gets there and is not buried under private property.

He says they can't remote view the Powerball lottery only the Pick Three's. He didn't say why.

He was asked about his prediction that Mount Tarawera in New Zealand was going to erupt last year. He admitted it didn't happen but he said there has been a lot of volcanic activity in that area. The next caller who lives in New Zealand right next to Mount Tarawera asked him where is his source for all this activity is? because there has been none. Dames replied that its 200 miles to the north east.

Art said that it seems people only remember the misses of Ed Dames and not the hits. Well that's not a very hard thing to do seeing as Ed Dames has never had any hits.

He managed to get a couple of plugs in for his dvd's. $70 for the first dvd, $249.95 for all 4.

Art finished off by telling Ed that he is waiting for the gold.

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