Wednesday, 6 April 2005

John Hogue

John Hogue made a short appearance on Coast to Coast AM. He mainly repeated things he has said on other shows, and also repeated that there would be only two more Popes. He doubts the next Pope will be black.

One thing he did fail to mention was the name of the next Pope, probably not wanting to dig a huge hole for himself like Father Wingate has done. Now on previous shows he has told us about the accuracy of the predictions of St Malachi. He claims St Malachi has named all the Popes from the 1590's to the present day with an 80% hit rate. Here he had the perfect opportunity to reveal the person who he believes according to the prophecy of St Malachi will be the next Pope. He didn't. He did however give us the name of the final Pope, who will be called Peter of Rome.

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