Saturday, 18 June 2005

Ed Dames, Saturday 18th June 2005

All Quiet on the Golden Front

Well no new predictions from Ed Dames. This interview was mainly about his trip to the Ukraine and how the Chinese are developing their own remote viewing program.

Now we all remember back on 9th October 2004 when Dames promised to find some gold treasure using his RV skills and bring it to Art's house at Christmas time. His next appearance on the show was 1st January 2005. He failed to produce the gold and made his excuses saying when he got to the location of the treasure it was buried on private property. He left the show promising to find more gold in Carson City and bring it to Art's house in June in time for his birthday.

So here is Dames on the show in June and once again no gold. In fact there was not one single mention of gold. At least the first time he failed Art challenged him about it, so why was it conveniently forgotten about this time. Not a single caller asked about this either.

Later Dames talked about remote interference and how he could attack any computers operating system and cause it to shut down or break. This prompted a caller to offer his computer as a test and challenged Ed to break it. Ed replied that it would take him 40 minutes to target the machine and then maybe another 15 minutes to affect it. Urged on by Art Bell to go ahead and do it Ed refused saying he was too busy and had more important things to do.

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