Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr Louis Turi was talking with George Noory. He made three predictions that are imminent.

17th, 18th or 19th June 2005 there will be a huge natural disaster. This will be announced by the police.
Wrong. Dr Turi is trying to claim a hit on thie one. This is how low some people will stoop. He says the Washington DC police chief had his car stolen over the weekend and this was the prediction coming true.

19th or 20th August 2005 there will be a serious earthquake. He could not say where this would happen.

29th or 30th August 2005 thousands of people will be forced to relocate.
Correct. Thousands did have to relocate due to Hurricane Katrina.

Also he said that in March or April 2006 George Noory would move into television.

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