Monday, 28 February 2005

John Hogue

Here are the latest predictions from John Hogue. He was talking with George Noory.

This is the final 6 months of the Pope's life.

St Malachi wrote in the 1140's after a vision the names of every Pope. So according to this list there will be only two more Pope's after John Paul II. From 1595 onwards this list is almost 80% accurate. The next Pope will be called John Paul III. Peter of Rome will be the last one.

In the reign of the next Pope we will see the things that indicate we are in the period building up to the tribulation of the chastisement. We could see war, famine and earthquakes in many places. The Trinity really stands for three ages of God's mission on earth of 2,000 years each. The first being the Father which is the Old Testament, the Son which is the 2,000 years of Jesus Christ, which is coming to a head right now. The third is the Holy Spirit when humanity reaches is spiritual maturity.

According to Nostradamus we are in the era of the third Anti-Christ. He said a king of terror would decend from the skies in September 1999. He was talking about 911, he got the month correct but the year was wrong.

First Anti-Christ was Napoleon. Second was Hitler, Nostradamus called him Hister. The third Anti-Christ is called Mabus which is a code name. He says this of the third Anti-Christ ' Mabus will soon die, then will come a horrible destruction of people and animals. At once one will see vengence. One hundred powers. Thirst, famine. When the comet will pass'. A comet could mean a comet, meteor, asteroid or a missile. The age of Mabus starts in September 1999 according to Nostradamus, indicated by the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, right month wrong year. The death of Mabus will start a 27 year long war. Hale Bopp could be the comet in 1997.

Mabus is alive now, a grown adult and in the next four or five years we will know who he is. He will do something that will trigger his own death and this cause the real war to begin.

Mabus then again could be a victim of the Anti-Christ.

Using the anagram techniques of decoding Nostradamus, Mabus could be Osama(Usama) Bin Laden or George W. Bush.

If Bush or Bin Laden should fall in this war we need to look if the war gets better or worse to tell if the prophecy is coming true.

The End Times could just mean the end of things as we know them.

A man made plague will cover the whole of the northern hemisphere around the time of the International Space Station.

US and Russia will go to war against each other in the 2020's according to some prophecy.

July - October 2005 the US needs to watch its temper and not react because there is a sign of war, possibly with Iran, Syria and North Korea.

George Bush is entering dangerous times, either health or a policy crisis in July - October 2005.

A scandal of some kind may force Bush out of office.

The possibility of UFO intervention increases religion and spirituality.

No new terrorist attacks on the US until 2008.

He claims Nostradamus predicted the Asian earthquake that caused the tsunami.

A caller to the show said she saw a comet or asteroid event happening in May 2005. The asteroid will be followed by and artificial craft containing aliens beings. She claims she is always correct.

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