Saturday, 1 January 2005

Ed Dames, Saturday 1st January 2005

Here are the latest predictions from Ed Dames. He was talking with Art Bell.

On his last appearance on the show Ed promised to find gold treasure in California and bring it to Art Bell's house at Christmas. This didn't happen. His excuse was that the treasure was buried on private property which wasn't on his map when they remote viewed it. He says they found more gold near Pahrump. The place was loaded with gold bearing soil but he didn't think Art would want to see a handful of soil. He gave the exact location so that someone can stake a claim on the gold. He also has a new gold target near Carson City which is from an old stagecoach robbery. He will find this treasure and bring it to Art's house in the Spring.

Dames famous 'Killshot' is just around the corner. He is still claiming 'the shot across the bow'. The harbinger of the 'Killshot' which they still haven't managed to totally pin down yet is a space shuttle being forced to land because of a meteor shower.

There will be a 9+ earthquake near the northwest tip of New Guinea. This will happen in March. Then the Monju Experimental Breeder Reactor in Japan will break casuing many deaths.

He didn't predict the tsunami in South East Asia because they were busy looking for the gold. From now on his team will look into predicting future disasters like the tsunami.

Dames claims there is no public record of his success rate.
Hello, there is now and it is zero.

A caller wanted to know if Dames found the missing child but he said he couldn't give any details. He also said he wouldn't be talking about missing children on the air anymore.

He is now looking for a nasty serial killer but he can't talk about this either because he doesn't want to tip the guy off. He says he wants to be the killers worst nightmare. He can get into his head and see what he is thinking.
Well I guess with Ed's success rate this serial killer will be sleeping soundly in his bed every night.

He claims two of his students won the Texas State Lottery twice using remote viewing.
He keeps telling us this but never comes up with any proof.

He told Dick Cheney that there were no WMD's in Iraq.

The Chinese remote viewing program is working on mind over matter, ie. trying to influence missile guidance systems.

A laser fired from the ground can effect the pilot of an aircraft. He thinks these incidents are just kids with small lasers near airports.

He doesn't think Zacharia Sitchin is completely correct. He says there is evidence that humans were once employed as gold miners by another race.

Guardian angels are real but not everybody has one. The PanAm flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland which was blown up by Libyan terrorists was remote viewed by Dames and he saw lots of lights in the cabin. The lights weren't the souls of the dead but guardian angels coming in to grab the souls.

Osama Bin Laden is alive but was badly injured in an attack. He says he can find him within 72 hours but his team has better things to do. He says Bin Laden is in ineffective at the moment and that he thinks catching the Wichita serial killer is more important to him.
72 hours to catch Bin Laden? Then why is it taking Dames months to catch the Wichita serial killer? What will really happen is that the police will catch the guy using normal methods. Then Dames will appear on C2C and take credit for it.

Previously he had said Osama Bin Laden was dead but he admits he was wrong about this. He also admits to having a lot of other misses in his career.

The most dangerous thing on this planet right now is the Russian mafia.

World War III has already started and the climax to this is the scariest thing he has ever remote viewed.

There are lots of mistakes in the Bible.

Hell does not exist. He saw Satan as being in a dark space.

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