Monday, 1 December 2003

John Hogue

The Sun's unusual activity will continue.

No asteroids to trouble us for a very long time.

There is no Planet X.

Two more Popes after Pope John Paul II. The next Pope will be Pope John Paul III and he will reign until 2008. The last Pope will be Pope Peter of Rome.
He fails to mention that in his previous predictions he said the Pope would die on the day of the eclipse 23rd November.

2004 George Bush will win a second term. The 20 year presidential curse will continue. Bush will have health problems or be involved in a plane accident.

2004 election will be very close. Hilary Clinton will not run. Howard Dean will run against Bush in 2004 election.
Howard Dean pulled out of the race on Wednesday 18th February 2004.

2008 During the Chinese Olympics Taiwan will try and cause some problems. This will be the start of a war between China and Taiwan.

2008-2009 Yellowstone Park will blow. US will go to war with North Korea.

2008 A major biological attack against the US. The war against terrorism will last 27 years.

2008 This is Hilary Clinton's best chance to become President.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can pull off a transformation in California he will one day become President, once they change the rules that is.

2015 Telescopes will be powerful enough to be able to detect artificial light on neighbouring worlds.

Time travel will become a reality in the future.

3797 The Sun will devour the Earth.

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