Sunday, 8 February 2004

Ed Dames, Sunday 8th February 2004

Here are the latest predictions from Ed Dames. He was talking with Art Bell.

The most itelligent animal on the planet is a type of giant squid. When three giant squid attacked a large ship they were killed when they hit the propeller. The other squid were told about how dangerous it is to attack ships and so the attacks stopped.

The picture taken by the Mars rover Opportunity of the strange object with two projections coming out of it is a silicate. It is inorganic material.

The Mars photo of the small object flying above the Martian surface is a fleck of metal or dust on the camera lens.

Beagle 2 did land on Mars but it was trapped in a rock outcropping. It kept going back and forth but couldn't release itself.
Beagle 2 is a stationary probe. It has no wheels so it would not be able to move back and forth.

The are sentient machines beneath the surface of Mars. There is no life there now but there once was a civilisation. At least one feature in Cydonia, a three sided pyramid is artificial.

Massive earthquakes in 2005 - 2007.

North Korea will use a nuclear weapon. This will signal the start of World War III. There will be a grand cataclysm on the eve of World War III. The Earth will wobble and shift. World War III will not be allowed to happen all the way. It will be overcome by another event. This is the appearance of the Planet Niburu. It will sweep by and cause the Earth to wobble and experience electromagnetic effects. We will have 30 - 90 days warning of Niburu's appearance. There will be a massive Earth shift and most of the population will die.

When the Earth shifts and the sea levels rise the safe places will be inland or up on higher ground. Nevada, Switzerland, the lake valley region of British Columbia and Whitefish, Montana are safe places.

Dames still maintains he predicted the large solar flares. Which he didn't. He also says he predicted the avian flu virus on his last show. I don't recall this or have an record of it.

Crops will fail because of fungi or mold. Cotton will be the first to be affected.

We will no longer be able to grow crops using normal methods. Crops will need to be grown in sealed environmentally protected structures because of the weather changes. There will be water shortages. This will cause social unrest.

Mad Cow disease will bring about the discontinuation of cattle as human food and also stop the use of cow's milk for human babies. We will see the start of this by the end of this year.

China is developing remote influencing. They want to be able to affect the electrics of US defence systems.

When you experience an Out of Body Experience you will appear to other people as a small globe or orb.

The orbs in photos are not ghosts. They are associated with a lifeform on another planet. It is a method they use to explore other worlds. They are trying to communicate with us. Dames wants to set up a small lab to try and make contact.

The spheres are machines that are collecting carbon from the Earth. There is a monolith near the island of Haiti. This is a communication device that receives signals from the machines on Mars. The spheres can create crop circles or form into shapes like the large flying triangles.

He cannot remote view animal mutilations.

Ghosts have no conciousness, they are not souls. They are mind recordings of things that have happened. They fade away over time.

There are actually ghosts of living people.

Animals don't have souls. There a a few animals that have something that is like a soul.

There is a Galactic Federation of Planets out there. Some of our children or grand children will witness this.

Dames claims he has a prediction success rate of 80%. As a team he says it is higher. He says he pays his team of viewers $100 an hour each.

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