Sunday, 1 January 2006

Joseph Jacobs

Here are the predictions from Joseph Jacobs who appeared on Coast to Coast with George Noory.

2006 is the year to secure your personal finances.

Between March 22nd and July 3rd, the US will face serious economic and political problems.

March 22nd to July 3rd lots of legal stories will be in the news and and labor issues will come to the forefront.

Between January 31st and March 23rd, there will be changes in the Bush administration.

Bush will have personal problems between March 24th and May 14th.

June 22nd and August 12th North Korea could cause some problems.

New York is in for a tough time with labor problems between July 26th to September 16th.

January 19th to may 2nd is a tough time for Japan.

May 14th to July 4th is a risky time for Israel.

January and October will be the toughest months worldwide as far as losses and difficulties are concerned.

July 1st and October 13th a bit of an economic problem for Canada.

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