Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Sean David Morton

Sean David Morton returned to Coast to Coast AM and was talking with George Noory.

For the first 20 minutes or so he waffled on about US finance groups and the Bilderburgers, with an Asian group who are pitting the first two against each other, waiting for them to collapse so that they can take over.

April 7th is the date when the US will be ready to go to war with Iran.

If there is no war with Iran, Cheney will be thrown to the wolves, and Sean agreed with George that Giuliani or Romney could take over as Vice President.

November 2007 will begin a financial meltdown. He calls it an Armageddon Year.

Stock market will be over 13,000, he predicted between 13,000 and 14,500.

Millions of people will go bankrupt.

Economic focus will shift from the United States to Germany and the EU.

We have 5 years left before there is a massive shifting in consciousness.

Within the next 90 days there will be a 7.0+ earthquake in the Japan region. So before June this will happen.
True. 7.1 earthquake off the west coast of Honshu, 25th March. Initially it was announced as a 7.1 quake, but now different reports put it at anything between 5.1 and 6.9.

Also within 90 days there will be a series of earthquakes just northeast of Seattle, along the Canadian coast up to Alaska. Again this before June.

There will be controversy over US policy of inducting foreigners in the US military.

A Republican will be President in 2008.

New Madrid fault will blow in 2011-2012.

He admitted once again that he is terrible at sports predictions.

He thinks there will be some trouble with USC football around December.

Pope Benedict is very ill with blockages in his kidneys and disease around his pancreas that maybe cancer. His true health is being kept from the public. He will deteriorate very rapidly in the next few months.

He admitted he had been wrong about the death of the last Pope quite a few times. So this one could drag on for about 18 months, but once he starts to deteriorate it could be very quick.
Back in 2001 he was telling everyone Bishop Martini would be the next Pope. Then in 2004 he changed his mind and said the next Pope would be Leo.

Morton says that the man many people thought should have been Pope was Jean-Marie Lustiger who is Archbishop of Paris and who is 79 years old. In fact Jean-Marie Lustiger was born 17th September 1926, which means he is actually 80. Also he is not Archbishop of Paris, he left that position in 2005, it is now held by Andre Vingt-Trois.

It is said that if Lustiger was to become Pope he would choose the name Peter. But the cut off age for being nominated for Pope is 80. So according to Morton something has to happen very soon. Yes like last year. He should do more research before he comes on the show.

Fidel Castro could die soon, around September - October, and the US is ready to move into Cuba with $60 billion to invest.

Euro will break $1.40 this year.

Japanese products will be dirt cheap in about 2 weeks time for about 3 months.

A relatively flat year for hurricanes in the US, but a very high year for tornadoes in the mid west.

Silver is the best investment and should double in the next 2 years.

One caller lost $2,000 betting on one of Morton's sports predictions.

Morton still maintains Osama Bin Laden died in April - May 2002.

He is interested in Bryomixol, an alternative cancer treatment that is said to boost the immune system.

Once again all the callers were pro-Morton.


kim said...

You and Royce have done a wonderful job of exposing this schmuck.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to his "Joe Killonaire" movie?

Simon Aspinall said...

I heard it was so good, that it went straight to dvd.

Anonymous said...

Well, he scored with the Japan earthquake prediction. 7.1 today.

Mop Boy said...

Too bad he can't predict his own batting average, but then again he is bad at sports predictions. (Might add that it's no secret the USC football program is still under scrutiny.) I personally predict that Sean will threaten legal action against this site if his predictions fall below the Mendoza Line.

Tina said...

I predict a Republican will be President in 2008 also. Since the next elected President doesn't take over until January 2009.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Sean, you didn't see Virgina Tech comming? Or the volcano in South America? I know you visit this site, care to post a response?

Anonymous said...

When ever I need a good laugh, I read Morton's 'predictions'.

It is worth reading what his own family have to say bout him and his predictions.

Hey Sean beat this: You will live until the day you die!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they all missed the Peruvian Earthquake.

Sean has a 4% suscess rate, so do I... ha ha ha said...

Is that fool Morton still hawking his bullshit? You know, I've always wondered about a supposed psychic who couldn't even predict the outcome of his own lawsuit...especially when he was on the losing end. What a dipshit.

Anyhow, I don't have much to do with any of this these days. Too many assholes and lunatics out there. Morton's a vulture picking scraps off the gullible.

Anonymous said...

Sean is supposed to be good with financial predictions... how come he missed the rapid rise in the Canadian Dollar?

If he was good, he would have made nearly 15% better than any stock huckster.

As of today it is about $0.99 US. By the end of the year, could be worth more. Score another miss.

S.D. is another name for E.D. isn't it?

nancy said...

Just wondering what you thought
of Sean Morton on Coast to Coast
Oct. 10/07?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the website. When's it going to be updated??

Anonymous said...

In ancient times they would cut off the head of any so-called prophet that made a mistake, because they knew it really did not come from God. Sean would have been smart enough to not speak in those days.

He who thinks he is wise,is a fool.

Anonymous said...

November 2007 will begin a financial meltdown. He calls it an Armageddon Year. Stock market will be over 13,000, he predicted between 13,000 and 14,500.

Both those predictions were right on. Indeed we did have a financial meltdown.