Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Billy Meier Wedding Cake UFO Deconstructed

IIG's examination into the Billy Meier Wedding Cake UFO has been completed and posted online. You can go directly to the Wedding Cake UFO Deconstruction Report here:


Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY! wtf are you doing this for?! On a mission for the authority?Faking pictures!?! And the model on the picture is not even similar to the actual ship..!

Dig into the story, like a professional journalist ! No other way can one analyze ! Don't be like the news broadcasters, be like a REAL reporter! ! !

FFS, wasting my energy on you ignorant puppets! REALIZE THIS ALLREADY: you ARE vibrant, if you were not vibrant - you would not even recognize FEEEEEEEEEEEELINGS !!!

♪musica universalis

Simon Aspinall said...

Touched a nerve have we. Calm down son, calm down

milf_hunter said...

About time you got back to updating your website! What happened?

Anonymous said...

thank you for making the Billy Meier case even more believable.

Anonymous said...

Wow, truly nice topic. How will I get that RSS?

Kate Stepman
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

WTF? Is Bigfoot true or fake? Are you retarded or just stupid?
Yes, it's real, why don't you do some damn research imbecile. Start with Missing 411, look up British Columbia's Highway of tears, look up the feet in shoes showing up on Washington States beaches, and BC. Yea, I guess if they send in special forces to hunt for people taken by this thing then you might think is has some validity.
Billy Meirs story is real as he knows it. What more can be said. Look at the prophecies and their dates. Explain that one.

Jones Morris said...

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