Thursday, 15 January 2004

Father Andrew Wingate

Here are the predictions from Father Wingate who was talking with George Noory. This is the first time I have documented Father WIngate but last week on CTC his interview last year was in the Classic Show section and if you were lucky enough to listen to it you will have realised that none of his predictions ever come true.

Prayer is stopping all the terrorism.

Yellowstone Park will build up into a cone, but then it will collapse in about 10 years from now.

Barcodes will be imposed on everyone. You will be marked. The mark of the beast. This is the time when the Anti-Christ will be ruling.

Maitreya is the official chaplin and spiritual adviser to the UN. He is the Anti-Christ. He lives in London but he has no nationality. At an early age he chose to serve Satan. He has three appearances. He can look Middle Eastern, Spanish or a clear cut Belguim or Swedish appearance. He will remove the World of all Christians. He has a plan and right now it is in its third stage. Once it reaches its seventh stage he will be in control.

Once the US opens up full political relations with Cuba thats when the invasion of the USA starts. Another pointer to this is the loss of a major battleship in the North Atlantic. The US government will sink its own ship. The invasion is by a collection of united UN forces. Before this happens the President of France and the Premier of Germany will be assassinated, then the ship will be sunk.

Earthquake in Kansas City will come just before the invasion.

The Pope's health will get better this year.

US Government will ask India in they can use tactical nuclear artillery shells to try and flush out Osama Bin Laden.

Saddam's second in command will be caught soon. This will cause a temporary lull in suicide attacks.

Another earthquake in Iran in the next few months with a very large deathtoll.

Volcanic eruptions in the Phillipines, China and Japan in the next few months.

US earthquake on the west coast.

Huge tidal wave in the US on the west coast because of government abortion laws.

US economy seems to be getting better but it isn't. Worldwide economy is very brittle. If Japan's economy collapses the US can't fix it before it collapses the European economy.

Gold prices will go up to $700 - $800 or $900 an ounce in October.

Large heatwave around the World this summer. Drought in the US for the corn and soya bean farmers. Potatoes will be hit badly.

The will be a fungus in the US that will hit bean and seed crops that will cause them to turn into a powder.

Crops will be affected by a small insect in central US.

There are ET's but they are not what we are lead to believe. They are human beings from Earth that jump in and out of time.

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