Thursday, 8 January 2004

Joseph Jacobs

Here are the predictions from Joseph Jacobs who appeared on Coast to Coast with George Noory.

He fears for border states like Montana and New Mexico for this year.

George Bush will do well but will hit a difficult time between 27th August - 18th October.

There will be some changes in the Cabinet but no change in Vice President.
There were changes in the cabinet.

The election will be very close.

23rd January - 5th February is a risky time for the US.
He claims he got this correct because of a terrorist strike in Iraq. Also Ricin was found in the Senate on 1st February.

10th March - 22nd June North Korea will become an issue.
Wrong. Nothing happened.

There is no Planet X.

Sun storms will affect our planet in 2012.

24th February - 16th April Osama Bin Laden is in trouble but he won't be caught alive.
Wrong. Bin Laden is still in hiding.

29th January and 1st February could be strike dates for terrorism in US.
Wrong. Nothing happened. Some claim that this could mean the flights from Britain and France that were cancelled, but this started around Christmas time. As nothing happened and he wasn't more specific I am marking this down as a miss.

March is a very difficult month for the whole World.
11th March 2004 Terrorist attack in Madrid, Spain. The total dead so far is 201.

30th January - 23rd March is a hard time for Israel.
Suicide bombings continue in Israel and but this happens all year round.

13th February - 18th July an earthquake in California.

10th May - 30th June is a very bad time for Canada in terms of health and economy, but after 1st July it will become a very strong year.

Prince Charles has a health problem coming up 19th April or 9th June. He didn't want Diana killed, it came from a higher level.
Nothing wrong with Prince Charles on 19th April or 9th June.

26th July - 16th September labour problems and difficult times for New York.

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