Monday, 1 January 2007

Predictions Special for 2007

Joseph Jacobs
A greater growth in psychic awareness this year.

A lot more information about UFO's.

A 2007 will be a heavy year with lots of casualties as a result of war, climate and terrorism.

July to September will be a heavy time worldwide.

The United Nations will be very active and so will Pope Benedict.

January 31st - March 24th the US economy will hit a wall as well as in September and October.

End of June - August Osama Bin Laden will have some involvement with North Korea. A bit of sabre rattling.

Florida will have some problems during September/October.

August 26th - October 17th some problems for Israel.

Japan may have some water difficulties August 15th - beginning of October, maybe a tsunami.

China could show a belligerent side involving military activity from the end of February - April 1st.

Paul Guercio and Dr. George Hart of the Merlin Project
Iraq war will drag on until 2011.

Russia will be making a resurgence.

China can dictate the strength of the US dollar.

Hillary Clinton's campaign will collapse.

John Edwards with Barack Obama as his VP, Gov. Mitt Romney, and Mike Bloomberg (running under a third-party) are the likely Presidential candidates in the 2008 race.

The lull in terrorism will change most likely in 2007.

Rosie O'Donnell and Katie Couric will fail in their career choices.

Al Gore is waiting to be asked to run, but no one will ask him.

I didn't bother with numbers lady Glynis McCants.

Louis Turi (He's not a real doctor, he bought it)
2007 will be one of the most shocking years for natural disasters, quakes,explosions and volcanoes.

Incredible discoveries in heart surgery.

Amazing advances in technology and a total restructuring of NASA.

A lot of action with UFO's.

A lot of airlines will merge as well as TV networks.

January 3rd we will have some shocking bad news, maybe an earthquake.

January 12th and 19th more shocking bad news.

More TV work for George Noory.

Children will be more susceptible to negative forces and illnesses.

The internet will be restructured because of sexual predators.

Devastating earthquakes in the US/Asia in February and August 2007.

An oil company will merge. I couldn't understand the name because of his accent.

More death and drama in the war in the Middle East.

Serious secrets and deals and even threats from the Middle East, aimed at the US around August and the end of the year.

Serious fire in the summer.

Problems with the Pope's health and his handling of religion in April and October.

News of a death that will touch George Bush and Bill Clinton.

France and Italy will display some interesting news that will not be positive.

Serious scary news concerning US nuclear plants in the US, with a possible accident.

A new bacterial disease will hit in March.

An increase in heart attacks will occur.

He predicted last year that a famous actor would die and says it came true when Steve Irwin was killed. WOW his accuracy is amazing, who would have thought a famous actor dying in 2006?

Very interesting news about Mars, maybe running water underground.

February dates for concern 1st, 9th, 17th and 28th.

Sean David Morton
George asked Sean how many shows has he been on now? I'll tell you, too many.

2007 will see a great division between people listening to their inner voice and those that don't.

The Dow Jones will go over 13,000 but this is being driven by only 30 companies that are merging and buying each other out. This is not a good thing for the economy, and it will precede a global collapse.

Nutracea shares will hit $3 and in six months will hit $4.

Gold will hit $725 in the next four months.

The US inflation rate will hit 20-25% by March, June at the latest.

After the US dollar is devalued, the Amero, a currency for use in the US, Canada and Mexico will be introduced.

I didn't bother with astrologist Susan Miller.

Gerald Celente
Real estate recession will not get any better.

'Medical Tourism' in which Americans are increasingly going overseas for medical treatment (especially dental and plastic surgery) will continue to grow this year.

There are entrepreneurial opportunities for Americans in China, which still looks towards the US for innovation.

An Internet candidate for President could rise to prominence in 2007.

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Tina in Washington said...

Sean David Morton said "The Dow Jones will go over 13,000 but this is being driven by only 30 companies that are merging and buying each other out". Well at least he understands that the Dow Jones Industrial Average consists of 30 companies stocks. But since those 30 are designed to be diverse and are in different industries, it is unlikely that they would be merging and buying each other out. I don't see Boeing buying Microsoft even if they are both in Seattle. Exxon buying Home Depot. Sure. Yes, some components are in the same industry so it might be possible to merge, especially the banks. But that goes only so far and some of the mergers would be subject to Anti-trust and regulatory approval. These companies are so big that it is unlikely many of them would merge. Morton is an idiot.