Tuesday, 6 February 2007

John Hogue

John Hogue returned to Coast To Coast AM. He was talking with George Noory.

Saddam Hussein is once again a prime candidate for 'Mabus', one of the Antichrists named by Nostradamus. Nostradamus said that Mabus would die and then there would be a comet. Saddam was executed followed by Comet McNaught.

If Saddam was the third Antichrist then we have another 25 years of conflict coming.

After the death of Mabus there will be a huge loss of human life as well as animals, which Hogue interprets as a nuclear conflict.

The whole world will be affected by a shortage of oil if there is a nuclear war in the Middle East. Food shortages due to lack of transportation.

3797 is the year the Earth is destroyed by an expanding Sun.

Hillary Clinton will win the presidency, with Barack Obama as her likely running mate. She has the potential for greatness, but could fall into darkness like Nixon. Obama will become president some time in the future.

John McCain won't run.

Rudolph Giuliani will probably be the Republican candidate.

The situation in Iraq worsens with increased US troops. Street protests will grow in the US, with an eventual Vietnam style defeat for the US, and the return of Iraq to three separate provinces rather than one nation.

In the next two years there will be a move away from the dependency on foreign oil. There will be a boost in the economy revolving around energy independence, alternative fuels and new job possibilities.

All the religious extremism will come to a head a month after the next US election.


Anonymous said...

Well....it's obvious how WRONG Hogue is most of the time.

Noreen said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...

3797 is the year the Earth is destroyed by an expanding Sun...?

close? not even... if you gave coordinates for a target and called it (the target) the TRUTH, the bomb or "best guess" as we call it, misses the target and kills millions of innocent bystanders, and infects the rest of them with lies, stearing them completely away from wanting to discover the real truth. READ THE BIBLE. who cares about what you thought, or what anyone else thinks or even what you think right now...pick it up and read it, if you fear what others think of you, then you are being attacked by the enemy, read harder deny our enemy the pleasure of taking away your salvation. Believe harder. Love harder. Jesus didnt do anything wrong to YOU!! But our enemy will unless you OBEY HIS(GOD/Jesus/Holy Spirit) COMMANDMENTS LAW and WAY.
MANs reign of himself is coming to an end... THE END...

JWWright said...

He should change his name to John Hoax. Check out his next load of rubbish here: http://strieber.streamguys.net/013109.mp3

Now GW Bush is the anti-christ... all you have to do is invert the W, carry the two, stand on your head and viola!

Who buys into charlatans like these guys? Did they also vote for Presidente Hussein as well?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting his predictions. John Hogue is clearly a fraud whose running a "prophet scam". There are people who have psychic dreams of things that then happen. Hogue isn't one of them. Is there a website where all of his predictions are posted and reviewed for accuracy? That's what needs to be done. Then anyone can point to it and say that he has a .01% accuracy. My 2 yr old son can do better with guessing in which hand I hold a piece of candy!

Anonymous said...

he's a fraud and he obviously leans toward the left/progressive/green movement.

Anonymous said...

john hogue is a total fraud.
Just listen his show on C2C. He is a zionist puppet spinning anti-muslim "terror" as we all know that zionist are behind all of it.
It's just too funny when you analyze his spins with what is actually hapening around the world.