Thursday, 12 January 2006

Joseph Jacobs

Here are the latest predictions from Joseph Jacobs. He was talking with George Noory on the tv predictions show special.

2006 is a snowball year. The good stuff will get even better. The bad stuff will get worse.

This will be a good year for business internationally. January is a disaster month, we will see a lot of financial losses. The same goes for October.

It will be a very productive year. We will see lots of demonstrations, unions organizing and trying to influence labor situations.

Oil and petroleum will continue to be a big issue.

August will also be a pretty heavy month.

March 22nd and July 3rd there will be a blockage in the United States, including legal situations in March/April. Labor issues will expand.

End of January until May 15th Bush will have a difficult time, people will be leaving his administration.

Tony Blair will have a rough year after May and may be thinking of leaving or may be forced to leave.

May 14th until July 4th is a tough time for Israel.

Japan is going through a two year cycle that is kind of up and down. Its a difficult re-organization time governmentally and other ways.

January 17th until April 30th North Korea seems ok. They seem to be opening up more to other nations. Maybe some of Dr Turi's fans could relocate there?

July 26th until September 16th is a difficult time for New York.

Avian Flu. He sees heavy losses of people in 2007.

August. Health issues, natural disasters and war. A bummer for the summer then.

Dangerous flooding in August worldwide.

2007 is a year of UFO contact possibilities. There will be some contact in Fall 2009, Klaatu Barada Nikto.

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