Thursday, 12 January 2006

Sean David Morton, Tuesday 12th January 2006

Here are the latest predictions from Sean David Morton. He was talking with George Noory on the tv prediction show special..

Earth changes. Three earthquakes to hit April to October in Northern California.

Middle East. Iraq will divide into 3 separate nations. US will attack Syria in the next 6 months.

Things will get worse for President Bush. Plane Gate, the whole thing with Valerie Plane will come down.

Indictments against Karl Rove and his unindicted co-conspirators Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney will leave his position as Vice President. He sees a man with dark hair taking over this position. Maybe Condolezza Rice or Jeb Bush will take over.

There will not be a political power shift this year. The democrats will not make up any ground until 2008 if Hillary Clinton is their candidate. He sees Jeb Bush as the republican candidate in 2008.

Economics. There will will be some very hard times this year. There will be hyperinflation. The mortgage bubble will pop sometime around May and through the summertime.

Gold will be at an all time high. By January it will be at $525. By June/July it will hit $725, August at the latest.

One last big run of the stock market then it will crash in September/October.

Good stocks to buy are entertainment companies, computer entertainment companies.

Education companies and construction companies are good buys.

Winter will be savage this year, especially on the east coast. Therefore gas prices will rise to about $80 a barrel.

Overall 2006 the will be a great surge towards spirituality.

Once again we are told that Sean David Morton gets more hits than Barry Bonds. Maybe this should now be changed to: A blind sniper has more hits than Sean David Morton.

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